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Dhwani Academy is a non-profit culturally oriented charitable organization pioneered by world famous classical tabla maestro Pt.Abhijit Banerjee. As an institute of percussion music, it pledges to devote itself to the nurturing of a new generation of percussionists wedded to the cause of promoting ‘rhythm' as a concept of total music able to establish and perpetuate a tradition of its own.

Music to support Child Education

Music was an integrated part of Ancient Indian Education system. Open education system conceived and implemented by Rabindranath Tagore also considered music as integrated part of education.

Nearly everyone enjoys music, whether by listening to it, singing, or playing an instrument. Many researchers support its inclusion in school to enrich students’ lives and education.

In recent days many Indian Schools have recognized the need of music training from early stage of education and have tried to implement it. Many students are realizing benefit out of it. Still there are many challenges when a School introduces music training as part of regular activity.

Dhwani Academy teaches the young students & guides them to the world of culture through Orient Day School, Kolkata; Rebecca Belilious English Institution, Howrah. The school authorities have included music into their regular curriculum. The academy runs regular classes starting from Class I to Class IX. Besides that the academy also runs classes at its own premises.

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