Music to support Child Education 

Music was an integrated part of Ancient Indian Education system. Open education system conceived and implemented by Rabindranath Tagore, who also considered music as integrated part of education. Many researchers support its inclusion in school to enrich studentslives and educationIn recent days many Indian Schools have recognized the need of music training from early stage of education and have tried to implement it. runs regular classes starting from Class I to Class IX Many students are realizing benefit out of it. Still there are many challenges when a School introduces music training as part of regular activity.

The Academy has always had the longer vision of reaching out to the less privileged members of the society with a view to introducing them to the glories of Indian classical music. And with this purpose in mind, it has initiated Project “Prakash” with the underprivileged students of some schools for the last three years. The Academy’s aim is not only to facilitate the accessibility of the music world for them but also to nurture their musical potential in a way, so that they can pursue music both for pleasure and for professional success too.

The Academy has already started music classes with the students of the following  –

1.  Rebecca Belilious English Institution, Howrah

2.  Kamakhya Balak Ashram, Madhyamgram 

3.  Hamari Muskan at Central Kolkata

4.  Disha Foundation at South Kolkata

       Apart from children from the less privileged section of society, other children from normal schools, who are not so awake to the fine pleasures of Indian classical music, are also brought within the purview of this project. The Academy has already included The Orient Day School in its project as part of its music awareness programme and conducting classes on schedule and runs regular classes starting from Class I to Class IX. The school authorities have included music into their regular curriculum. The academy runs regular classes starting from Class I to Class IX. Besides that the academy also runs classes at its own premises. while other similar schools are being negotiated with for similar inclusion.


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