As we grow we have to maintain some basic rules that need to be followed for the smooth operation of the Academy.


Admission Fees - Rs.250/- (taken one time and valid for two years)

NOTE: Non continuation of classes for two years will be treated as cancellation of membership. and re-admission fee will be chcarged for a new admission.

Class Fees:  Rs. 600/- per month (General)

                  : Rs.2,000/- per month (Special)

NOTE: The charges for the classes should be fixed through a direct consultation with the Gurus of perspective classes.

Distance Classes: (Students coming from other States and Cities of India and Abroad)

Students coming from abroad to learn tabla are suggested to choose December to beginning March as their time preferably to get Pandit Abhijit Banerjee in India. July and August might be another option, though in India that is the monsoon season.


Tabla: Rs. 10,000/- 15 for classes (includes three South Indian Rhythm classes for one hour).
Ghatam and South Indian Rhythm: Rs8000/- for 15 classes (includes two Tabla classes one hour).

Accomodation can be made from Dhwani with A/C or non A/C Rooms. The cost will be –
A/c: Rs.15,000/- for a month (single)
Non A/c: Rs.10,000/- for a month (single)

Food can be arranged and the payment will be bore by the student depending on their order.

The student will get classes with Abhijit Banerjee and will also get additional classes for South Indian Rhythm and the same for those who are basically coming for Ghatam.

♦  Students are requested to write to know about the details of schedule of classes during the period they are planning to come.

♦  They should write to us minimum 6 months in advance to book the classes.

♦  They should send a CD (Audio or Video) to enable us to judge their standard to get the best out of our schedule for them.

♦  Tickets of some important concerts can be arranged for them upon prior request.

Membership Fees: Rs.1,200/- per year 

The membership fees is collected in advance for six months (Session: April - September & October - March).                                                                                              

NOTE: We also accept non-student memberships for those who are interested into music and are interested in volunteernig their support to our cause.

Other Instructions:

Parents may come to class to observe the teaching and see their child's progress but are asked not to interfere in the teaching or while the teaching is on. Nudging your child to follow the teacher's instruction in class should be avoided for this can be a distraction and also undermines the confidence of the child. Some classes are held in private residences to give the intimate feel of learning, so the privacy of the host should be respected.

Workshops and concerts are held throughout the year and students and parents are encouraged to attend them to observe the level of playing and encourage the students. Some concerts were held last season, including some home concerts, where students took part along with established artistes of high stature. This tradition will continue through the coming quarter, so please make sure that your contact information is current and plan to attend, for these programmes offer a great insight to the art of percussion and music as a whole.

However, attending classes on a regular basis is important but for continued improvement, it is mandatory to practise regularly at home.

To that extent, we hope your learning experience has been fun and fulfilling. As usual, please do not hesitate to contact any of the teachers if you have any concerns that you would like to share.

NOTE: Tabla students may opt a free South Indian Rhythm class if they opt for on any Saturday with prior appointment with Ghatam Guru once a month and same with the students of Ghatam to get Tabla free class once a month.

Future Plan

Our future plan includes:

  • To continue Percussion festival  each and every year.

  • Print all Bhatkhande books in Braille.

  • Build an institute building with  a  studio, class room, guest room and auditorium within 5 years.

  • Extend Visually Challenged  programme.

  • Organise more small concerts in  rural areas along with local budding  artistes including North Bengal.

  • Arrange frequent seminars on music awareness with special emphasis on folk percussion of North Bengal and traditional instruments like Pakhwaj.

  • Arrange workshops cordially with invitees from abroad for imparting more knowledge to students.

  • Planned to do Students Exchange Programme with students from abroad and from India