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DHWANI ACADEMY OF PERCUSSION MUSIC is a non-profit culturally oriented charitable organization pioneered by world famous classical tabla maestro Pandit Abhijit Banerjee. As an institute of percussion music, it pledges to devote itself to the nurturing of a new generation of percussionists wedded to the cause of promoting ‘rhythm' as a concept of total music able to establish and perpetuate a tradition of its own.
In India, Dhwani have been working with Calcutta Blind School for last ten years and constantly rendering its best effort to provide all kind of support to those visually challenged who aspires to learn music. The academy have awarded scholarships, provided music education at free of cost and opportunities to share stages with stalwart artists. It has also honored the veteran artists with Lifetime achievement Awards.
Musical Activities:
1. Tabla Classes
2. South Indian Percussion
3. Instrumental Accompaniment Classes
4. Vocal Classes and Vocal Accompaniment
5. Percussion and Folk Music
Regular Activities:
Apart from that, Dhwani Academy is trying organize regular workshops with reputed personalities from Indian Music. Dhwani India 's regular activities also include doing concerts and seminars and giving scholarships to visually challenged students and giving award to veteran artistes specially percussionists who had contributions to their field but are unable to move or participate any more in musical activities. Students not only from other states of India but also from abroad visit for gaining lessons and participating in musical activities of the Academy.
Other Institutional Activities Archive:
DAPM has set up an archive of percussion music. Both audio and video recordings are available to students and researchers. This collection is continually being added to. Apart from audio and video recordings DAPM has also set up a library for books on
International Linkages:
DAPM aims to set up international links with music organisation and academies to facilitate student exchange programmes or student placement.
Seminars, Workshops & Publications:
DAPM is currently in the process of organising a major seminar on world percussion to raise awareness of Indian percussion student about the different approaches to percussion in the world. Other seminars/workshops plans include a series on different Indian percussion instruments. It also intends to record and release recordings related to percussionist. The first CD is currently in production.
DAPM is setting up a multimedia studio where interactive programmes could be used to demonstrate different aspects of world percussion. The studio will also record percussionists as part of the DAPM releases.
DAPM has a policy of supporting young talented people from needy backgrounds by providing financial support or scholarships to help them establish themselves as professional musicians.
Project with Visually Challenged:
Dhwani Academy intends to support visually challenged students through this special effort. It imparts teaching to these students at free of cost. At the same time provide opportunities to share musical platforms with stalwart artists at annual events. Awarding two of best talented visually challenged students with scholarships is an integral part of every annual program.
Honor to veteran artists with Manik Pal Award every year in the annual concert.
Tabla Workshops and Seminars are organized along with music stalwarts to enrich students with more knowledge.